Saturday, 11 February 2012

HOTD #2 - Floral fuss

Salam everyone
I have another Hijab of the day post for you. I love doing these. There so quick and easy to do.
I've also decided to add quirky names to my hijab of the days. Just to make it more interesting :)

Today I am on my way to visit some family. It's really chilly outside so I have layered my hijabs once again.

I never wear black hijabs on it's own because I feel it doesn't suit me. So I paired it with this floral hijab I purchased from Primark a while ago. I've wrapped my hijab a few times too just to get a little volume.
And again I went for pink lips as it goes with the look :D

 I used a black undercap and then rolled up the hijab and used that as a little undercap aswell just to tie the look together. I've also been loving wraps in my hijab. It gives it more deffinition.

Hope you lovelies enjoyed this post.
More to come. Please support my page JazakAllah. x


  1. That scarf is beautiful :)

    & Also You've received the Liebstar Blog award!
    -Check out my blog if you dont understand :)

  2. I love the idea of wearing another hijab with a black one, need to try it out.x

  3. HOTD... what a cute idea for posts! and nice hijab mA :)